Siphonic drainage isn't magic but the mathematics involved are far from trivial. Even small scale installations involve the complex interaction of pressure changes, cavitation and other energy losses that all must be accounted for. The fact that friction losses are a factor of fluid velocity means that the desired results can only be achieved through iterative calculations – not a job for a calculator!

Siphonix software removes the mystery from the design of siphonic roof drainage solutions. The software is driven through a series of 'wizard' options to produce a graphical representation of the system. Dimensions for the system are added, the appropriate roof drains and preferred piping materials are selected before leaving the hard work to the software.

Not only is the software incredibly fast, it's incredibly accurate too. Once the software has produced a balanced system design, you can then see the maximum and minimum velocities and pressures, make manual adjustments and print out (or export to Excel) a bill of materials.

Siphonix software is intended for engineers to design siphonic drainage systems using the skills they have acquired over the years. It needs some understanding of siphonic drainage, but as we say, "it's not rocket science!"

Siphonix Software System ParametersSiphonix Software Designers Interface   click to enlarge